Woodland Burial Sites

There are a number of local woodland burial sites, the closest to Crewe and Nantwich being Swanlow Park Private Cemetery.

Swanlow Park Cemetery at Church Minshull near Winsford, Cheshire

Swanlow Park is a peaceful woodland burial ground, and with it being set amidst the Winsford farmland it will give you some of the best views of the Cheshire wooded hills. This helps to give you the perfect place for you loved one to rest in peace.

The park and its environment is kept as natural as possible, to give you the best and with its scenic and peaceful setting will provide a safe refuge for the birds and also allows wild flowers and trees to thrive.

Each grave space is marked with a natural york stone marker and a memorial tree. Wild flowers and bulbs can also be planted on the grave space.

They are always pleased to welcome visitors to look around there park and cemetery.

Westhope Green Burial Ground, Shropshire

Hidden away in the Shropshire hills you will find Westhope Green Burial Ground, and with being set in an orchard, it is well stocked with traditional varieties of apples.

Early in the year it is a real picture with snowdrops and with daffodils flowering, then later on in the year the apple blossom comes out.

There is a small chapel within the grounds which can be used for any type of service in which families may wish to perform. There are also areas set aside for ashes to be scattered or buried.

They welcome people to come and have a walk around at any time and their chapel can be opened on request.


Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground, Whitchurch

Fenns Meadow is positioned on high ground, facing a North Westerly direction, perfect for watching the beautiful sunsets that regularly occur. The views from the site stretch across to North Wales, Cheshire and Liverpool. The Llangollen Canal borders the western side of the farm and it is close to the SSSI's of Fenns and Whixhall Mosses.

Their Burial Ground is a peaceful place for your loved ones to rest in peace or for a burial, cremation plot or the scattering of ashes.

The grave may be marked either by a small stone, wooden plaque on the ground or a tree planted nearby.

Fenns Meadow is part of Alkington Grange Farm, which has been a family run farm for 3 generations and sits within a pastureland of 10 acres.

Friends of Nature Burial Ground: Mobberley Cheshire

This conservation burial ground is set in traditional meadowland surrounded by mature trees and hedges. Unlike most farms in the area Graveyard Farm has retained its traditional nature untouched by modern agricultural methods and has therefore kept its peaceful charm.

Your loved one can be remembered with trees, meadow flowers or shrubs. They also have a section for cremated remains. Whether it be a traditional funeral service or something a little different.

The insular location makes for a very tranquil setting for you to lay your loved one to rest. The site is accessible by car or footpath and although being set deep in the Mobberley countryside it can be reached from Manchester, Merseyside or Staffordshire in less than 30 minutes.

 Keele Cemetery also has a woodland burial area.


Woodland Burial

Woodland Burial Sites

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By taking the initiative and setting out your funeral wish preferences before you die, is one less thing for your loved ones to worry about after your death.

Knowing that when the time comes, your loved ones will know exactly what your wishes are and be spared from having to make difficult choices, and you can get on with enjoying  the rest of your life.

This service is total free, just download the form, complete then post or email back to us and we will keep a copy on record for when the time comes. You should keep a copy of the form with all your personal documents for your family or whoever may be responsible for organising your funeral.

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