Our Eco - Friendly Coffins and Caskets


Our sea-grass coffins, complete with flower rings, Sea-grass poles and woven handles, are light brown and beige in colour with a subtle hint of green.

The Seagrass material in our Seagrass Coffins is renowned for its quality and durability, which makes it an ideal material for woven products.

Once harvested Seagrass is dried and then spun into a strong yarn ready for weaving. Our Seagrass coffins are available in either the Traditional shape (square ends) or Curved shape (rounded ends) each comes fitted with a cotton lining and pillow.


 Brown Willow

Willow coffins are by far the ultimate in environmental recycling.

Willow is grown in rows of bushes and once harvested can generate back to the same height within a year. Our Willow coffins are handcrafted by skilled workers using traditional methods and have a self-supporting frame.

Our Willow coffins are available With inlaid chestnut brown bands and woven handles in either the Traditional shape (square ends) or Curved shape (rounded ends)  Each coffin comes fitted with a natural cotton lining and pillow.

 Light Willow

We have noticed a significant increase in the popularity of our light willow coffins. Clients are drawn to their lighter appearance which they find particularly attractive, with the creamy hues being less sombre than darker colours.

All our light willow coffins are natural creamy white in colour (not painted) and are available in either the Traditional shape (square ends) or Curved shape (rounded ends) each comes fitted with a cotton lining and pillow.




Cane is very environmentally friendly, Cane grows in degraded forests and grows in marginal soil or areas where other land products cannot grow.

Our water hyacinth and cane models are skilfully woven in warm, subtle brown hues. Not only are they pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch, but they meet all the necessary ecological criteria for truly green burials as well.

Their harvest actually aids the environment as water hyacinth is a weed which has to be controlled. Our Cane coffins are Curved shape (rounded ends) each comes fitted with a cotton lining and pillow.


 The Rustic bamboo

The Rustic bamboo model is woven with un-stripped bamboo, creating a natural unbleached appearance and an unsophisticated charm. The canes are harvested to ensure maximum regeneration and a continuous supply.

The bamboo weave is interlaced to form an attractive matt that is then woven around a reassuringly strong rattan frame.  Bamboo is one the fastest growing plants on Earth and has been known to grow to a metre within a day.

This makes Bamboo a highly renewable material, matching  the sustainability requirements for our range of environmental coffins. 

Our Bamboo coffins are available curved end shape and come fitted with a natural cotton lining, pillow and coversheet.

 Ashes Caskets

Our ashes caskets are available in a variety of sizes and in the same materials as our willow, sea-grass and bamboo coffins.

Fully biodegradable, the caskets are suitable for burial and are seen as both an environmentally friendly and visually attractive alternative to traditional ashes urns. They are all equipped with calico cotton liners and on request, can be supplied to match the appearance of almost any other environmentally friendly coffin.


Woodland Burial

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Caskets and Coffins

Funeral Wishes

By taking the initiative and setting out your funeral wish preferences before you die, is one less thing for your loved ones to worry about after your death.

Knowing that when the time comes, your loved ones will know exactly what your wishes are and be spared from having to make difficult choices, and you can get on with enjoying  the rest of your life.

This service is total free, just download the form, complete then post or email back to us and we will keep a copy on record for when the time comes. You should keep a copy of the form with all your personal documents for your family or whoever may be responsible for organising your funeral.

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